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Econ Meeting Tomorrow 4/4

With the help of Chris Christie (or at least some equally rotund substitute), we will be discussing the potential economic impacts of the policies of various presidential hopefuls. We will try to evenhandedly cover policies from each candidate -- but in case we miss a policy that's important to you, make sure to bring it up in the post lecture discussion we will have.

Have Some Memes

As one more test, we're going to give you some memes. Enjoy!

One More Test

So, just to make everything works fine, I'm going to make one more post. Sid Taneja says that cake cutting notes will be done before saturday, so look forward to that. The contact form is also operational, so use that if you have any questions. Or just email us at mbhsecon@gmail.com. Goodnight!

Is this thing on?

We're testing the blogging system right now to make sure it works. Does it?