About Us

Greetings, friends and comrades! We are the Montgomery Blair Economics Club.

Founded in late 2014 by a group of students wishing to have a substantive and interesting discussion on of economics, we aim to expand the knowledge and interests of our members. We are not dedicated to finance or any specific field of econ, but rather focus on the subject as a whole, as the science of decision making and resource distribution. We have covered topics ranging from the history of economic thought to monetary policy to cake cutting and game theory. We like our subjects multi-disciplined and diverse, with both mathematics and the humanities interacting.

We are sponsored by the great Mr. Marc Grossman and meet in Room 216 every monday lunch by the grace of Mr. Peter Cirincione. Generally, we lecture on various topics, and as a bonus we often also have various baked goods, provided by our club baker, Wendy Shi, or our Chairman. We are also open to guest lecturers, so if you're interested, contact us at mbhsecon@gmail. We may also engage in economics competitions in the near future.

Meeting Details

What: Lectures and Baked Goods
When: Monday Lunches, 5th and 6th Period
Where: Room 216, Montgomery Blair HS
Why: Economics!

Our Leadership

The officers and leadership of the club are as follows: